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Kinship Adoptions

Guiding Parents Through The Adoption Process

The attorneys of Family Law Group represent men and women who are parents in every sense of the word to help them acquire the legal protections provided by formal adoption of their stepchildren.

Our lawyers and legal staff understand the importance of family and parent-child relationships that are recognized and protected under the law. When individuals are ready to assume legal responsibility of their stepchildren or grandchildren, we are ready to use our family law experience to help make the adoption process simpler and allow families to more seamlessly coordinate parenting responsibilities, including education, extracurricular activities and medical care.

El Paso County Stepchild Adoption Attorneys | Representing Parents In Colorado Springs, Pueblo And Surrounding Areas

Colorado has many legal requirements for a stepparent or grandparent to formally adopt a child or children. These include:

  • Complete an appropriate background check
  • File a petition for adoption
  • Appear in a court hearing

The parental rights of the noncustodial parent will need to be legally terminated. This can be a challenging and even contentious process, especially when he or she does not want to relinquish legal rights.

Having the guidance of an experienced lawyer can take much of the stress and uncertainty out of the process. We guide our clients through each step of the adoption process, ensuring that documentation is complete and submitted in a timely manner. Because many people have never appeared in court to discuss their family situations, we also prepare our clients to address their request before a judge.

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With the guidance of our Colorado Springs kinship adoption attorneys, future adoptive parents have the tools necessary to navigate a complex legal process. For a confidential consultation to discuss your situation, call 719-900-3792, toll free 866-228-3819 or email us.