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Helping You With Property Division In Colorado

In a divorce, some couples may be unable to come to an agreement on the division of their marital property. In Colorado, courts decide disputes on what they feel to be “fair” to both of the spouses. There is no requirement that the property be split equally between the couple. This often results in extreme uncertainty for those going through a divorce, and they want to know what they need to do in order to resolve their case.

At Family Law Group, we have extensive practical experience with the division of marital property and other aspects of divorce. We pursue creative strategies designed to protect and advance your interests throughout each step of the process.

A Thorough And Comprehensive Approach

We offer clear advice about what we feel to be the specific options available to you. We discuss the possible outcomes that may result, and tell you what we think is the best approach to take. We want you to be prepared for what to expect, and informed about the law and how it applies to your case.

Some of the various property division aspects we can help with include:

  • Helping you compile an accurate list of your marital property
  • Determining what will happen to your marital home or mortgage on the marital home
  • Discussing potential support obligations
  • Reviewing retirement accounts and the options associated with these accounts
  • Working with clients who own businesses or have other high-value assets
  • Negotiating a settlement of disputes throughout the process
  • Protecting your interests at trial

If you served or are currently serving in the armed forces, or are married to a current or former service member, there are additional matters of concern that you need to be aware of regarding the division of marital property.

Your Guide Throughout Your Divorce

Our experienced lawyer and staff will work tirelessly to help you accomplish the goals you set out in your case. To learn more about how we can help, schedule a consultation by calling our office at 719-900-3792 or by sending us an email. We represent clients throughout the Colorado Springs region.