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Out-Of-State Clients

Representing Out-Of-State Clients In Divorce Matters

Even if you are no longer a resident of Colorado, or even if you have never lived in Colorado but you have children that live in the state, you may have a legal proceeding that will require a Colorado attorney.

At Family Law Group we use technology to benefit clients in divorce matters. As long as you have access to email, fax or telephone, we can handle everything long distance. From our offices in Colorado Springs and Woodland Park, we are able to represent clients all over the United States, and even clients who are serving overseas. Contact our firm online or call us toll free at 866-228-3819 to schedule your appointment with our family law attorney.

Why Would I Need A Lawyer In Colorado If I Don’t Live In Colorado?

You might need a Colorado attorney if you started a family in Colorado, but no longer live here. Or, if your ex-spouse and children live in the area, you may have legal proceedings in Colorado. Family Law Group has represented numerous out-of-state clients, including clients in the following situations:

  • A couple lived in Colorado during their marriage. When they got divorced, one spouse moved out of state.
  • The custodial parent moved to Colorado after the divorce, and now there are post-divorce modifications matters to be addressed.
  • A person lived in Colorado, but is now serving in the Army overseas and needs representation in military divorce matters.

Whatever your reason for coming to Colorado to resolve your family law concerns, we can help. Schedule your appointment by contacting us online or by calling our toll free number: 866-228-3819.