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Assistance With Property Division In High-Asset Divorce

Every divorce is painful, but it can be much more stressful when you and your spouse accumulate substantial assets during the marriage. Whether you have achieved success as a business owner or made the right investments, there is the chance that without proper guidance, you could lose everything you worked so hard for during your marriage.

The Family Law Group, in Colorado Springs, will help you determine the right strategy to take in your high-asset divorce. Led by our attorneys have helped many successful families throughout the region protect their assets from the consequences of divorce.

How Our Team Can Help

Our main goal is to help you think critically about the issues present in your case. We help you see the big picture, and the impact of your decisions on your marital property. We break things down in a way that is easy to understand, and discuss what approach we feel would be best used to obtain results. We make ourselves available to you, and will be there for you throughout the twists and turns of your case.

Issues we have prior experience with in high-asset divorces include:

  • Working with accountants and financial professionals to determine the value of a couple’s assets
  • Assessing the value of any business interests owned by the couple or one of the spouses
  • Determining the proper way to divide business assets accordingly
  • Requesting or refuting requests for spousal support
  • Reviewing any retirement assets acquired by one or both spouses during the marriage
  • Discussing the options regarding the marital home or any vacation properties owned by the couple

Often in high-asset divorces, concealment of property is an issue that must be addressed. One spouse may try to hide or underreport certain assets in an effort to protect them from division. Our attorney will carefully review all matters connected to your case, including examining tax documents, to make sure that a full accounting of the property takes place.

Practical Solutions To Your Complex Divorce Problems

We are here to help you prepare a sound strategy to enable you to emerge from your divorce in a positive place. Call our office today at 719-900-3792 or send us an email to find a time for your consultation with our experienced lawyer.