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Child custody: What is parallel parenting?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Child Custody

When parents make the decision to divorce, it doesn’t mean they are no longer a family unit; it’s just that the dynamics of the family have changed. Child custody decisions in Colorado should be tailored to each family’s individual situations, and a joint custody situation may not always be ideal. Most family court judges and families prefer joint custody, but it isn’t always applicable, especially when parents can’t seem to work together amicably for the sake of their kids.

When a couple had been odds with each other for some time, they don’t always become best of friends after the divorce is final. If the relationship is very strained, it may be beneficial for parents to consider parallel parenting, rather than co-parenting since it will allow the children to have access to both parents without having to witness severe parental conflict.

How parallel parenting works

In this case, parents have their own separate lives with their children. When the kids are with one parent, that parents makes all the decisions regarding the kids’ lives. The same is true when the kids are with the other parents. So, essentially each person will parent independently of the other with very little overlap and very little need for communication with each other. But when it comes to big decisions, like health care and education, one parent could be responsible for one area, while the other could be responsible for the other – or they could jointly decide these issues

How to know if parallel parenting is the right choice

When considering the options, it might help to understand that the end goal always is to protect the best interests of the children above all else. Whether it’s parallel parenting or another option, parents can seek child custody solutions providing stability and security for their children, allowing them to continue to grow up emotionally healthy and happy. An experienced family law attorney can carefully evaluate one’s unique circumstances to help ensure the right path is taken on any critical child custody related decisions.