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Reasons to modify a child support order

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2021 | Divorce

Many divorced parents in Colorado have children they have to support financially. Child support is in place to ensure children have their basic needs met. Unfortunately, a support order issued when a divorce is first finalized may not be sufficient years later. Thankfully, it is possible to have a child support order modified, but there has to be a good reason for the change for the courts to approve it.  

Why adjust a support order? 

There are numerous reasons parents may wish to seek a support adjustment. Maybe one or both parents have experienced an increase or decrease in income. Maybe the child’s needs have changed. Maybe the custody order has been changed, or a child has aged out or has been emancipated. Any of these reasons justify an increase or decrease to the current support order.  

How to seek a support modification? 

There are a few ways to go about seeking a child support modification. First, parents can work out a new agreement on their own and file it for court approval. Second, the parent wanting the adjustment can file a request for a child support review with the county child support office. If either parent disagrees with the support office’s decision on the matter, the third way to go about seeking a support order modification is to take the issue to court. A judge will hear each side’s argument for or against the change and then issue a ruling on the matter. 

Get help 

Any parent in Colorado who strongly believes a child support order modification would benefit his or her children can ask for an adjustment. Achieving one may prove difficult. Thankfully, no parent has to fight this battle on individually. An experienced family law attorney may be able to help.