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Fathers have rights when it comes to child custody

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2021 | Child Custody

Good fathers know how crucial it is to protect the relationships they have with their children. That can be difficult to do after divorce, especially when parting ways with a former spouse wasn’t exactly amicable. Fathers in Colorado have every right to maintain an integral role in their children’s lives even when their former spouses do not respect their child custody rights. Men have every right to fight for equitable access to their kids and to protect their rights as parents.

Times have changed

Once upon a time, Colorado family court judges usually gave mothers primary custody of the children upon divorce. Fathers were usually allowed to visit their kids on weekends or select evenings. It was shown that these types of arrangements actually alienated dads who were involved, and these arrangements also had the potential to be harmful to children. Fathers may find it easier today to obtain custody or visitation, but it is still in a man’s best interests to know and understand his rights and how to safeguard them.

Building a case

If there is no way to come to an agreement out of court regarding child custody concerns, a father may have to fight for a just result in court. If a father has to prepare for litigation regarding custody and visitation, these steps may be helpful when seeking to build a strong case:

  • Do not compromise or agree to terms before going to court if they aren’t fair or aren’t in the best interests of the children.
  • Keep track of any time the mother violates rights, such as refusing to stick to the terms of a temporary custody and visitation order.
  • Keep careful track of finances and gather documentation to validate a claim that the children will be provided with stability and security.

Fathers in Colorado who have to fight for child custody rights or to have access to their children may feel overwhelmed and uncertain about where to begin. Learning as much as possible about fathers’ parental rights is a good starting point. Fathers play crucial roles in the lives of their children and will benefit when their dads advocate for this vital relationship.