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Side-stepping probate

It’s a word that most estate administrators don’t want to hear, but might not be able to sidestep hearing unless a testator is pretty savvy. Probate is the word most Colorado executors cringe at since it’s known for being a complicated, drawn out process. But if a...

How will you protect your family from probate?

For many in Colorado, creating an estate plan has one goal: to avoid probate. Why is it that probate has gotten such a bad rap? If you have never had to deal with the probate process for a someone who died without an estate plan, you may not realize what your loved...

Elder law: Combatting financial elder abuse

Senior citizens are among the most vulnerable sector in society. There are many ways in which elders in Colorado might be taken advantage of, but among the most prevalent is financial abuse. Thankfully, elder law in the state speaks to this issue and strives...