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Reliable divorce plans through mediation

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2021 | Divorce

When a married couple can’t communicate about the things that bother each of them, these issues may fester for years. It may eventually make the marriage impossible and two people’s bitterness toward each other may lead to divorce. But if a couple living in Colorado can at least agree that divorce is the only way out of a bad situation, they may also agree to use mediation as a means to draft a divorce agreement.

A mediated divorce has distinct benefits

  • Mediation to come to a divorce agreement has been gaining in popularity for several reasons, particularly for these benefits:
  • It’s confidential. Cases that are litigated become a public record, while mediation is confidential. This may be particularly beneficial for parents who want to shield their children from anything unpleasant that was said in the courtroom.
  • Get to choose the mediator. A couple can choose a mediator with whom they wish to work. Mediators are in a neutral position. They use communication based on empathy with the goal of getting one spouse to understand the other’s needs.
  • It’s more convenient. When a divorce case is litigated, a couple is subject to the availability of the court. Couples can arrange mediation sessions that work with their schedules.
  • There are no courtroom fees to pay. And lawyers who act as mediators may have reduced fees for the service.

Must be agreed upon 100%

If an agreement is reached through mediation, each spouse is more likely to hold to that agreement. Each person must agree to everything before signing a mediation agreement document. Since mediation is usually a more gentle way of coming to a consensus, it may be more likely each person is content with the outcome.

Spouses in Colorado who have questions regarding mediated divorce will be able to find answers with an attorney experienced in family law. Understanding some dynamics of the law may make the mediation process easier. After all, each soon-to-be former spouse will want the best outcome possible.