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Divorce mediation can help parents

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Divorce

Parents who are divorcing are likely concerned how their children will be affected by the change in their lives. Divorce for couples in Colorado can be challenging for everyone involved, but one thing that may help make it less difficult for kids is when their parents can continue to parent them together, even if it takes some mediating along the way. Having a co-parenting plan that puts the children first is crucial.

Mediation has its advantages and offers these benefits:

Affordability. It’s less costly for a divorce that is mediated than going through litigation. There are no court costs and most attorneys’ rates are lower when a case is mediated.

Confidentiality. All mediated cases are totally confidential. What is said in a courtroom is recorded and potentially entered into public record. There is no chance of that happening during a mediation session.

Get to choose the mediator. A couple can choose their own mediator as long as the person is neutral. A mediator helps in the negotiation of decisions facing a divorcing couple. Professional mediators have training in communication skills.

Easier to schedule. Mediation sessions can be held in any location of the couple’s choosing. With no courtroom time to schedule, meetings can take place at any time.

Results may be better. When couples use mediation to come to a divorce agreement, they’re usually happier with the outcome. Each person must agree to all terms before signing an agreement and since the couple worked together to forge out a settlement, it is more likely each person will adhere to the decisions.

A couple facing divorce in Colorado may wish to seek individual legal advice from a lawyer on how mediation could help the divorce process, especially when making decisions about parenting. Getting through divorce in the easiest way possible in the goal. Mediation may be the just the ticket to meet that goal.