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Estate planning: Keeping loved ones happy

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2020 | Estate Planning

The thought that loved ones may disagree on things when a family member has passed away is unbearable for some people. Having a conversation about estate planning also means talking about the end of life and that’s uncomfortable for many people. But that talk is necessary for Colorado residents to have for the sake of family peace.

When adult children are consulted about their parents’ estate plans the chances are less that they will disagree on things when the time comes for that plan to be used. Having a family meeting will accomplish a number of things. It will:

  • Let loved ones known where estate documents will be stored;
  • Make family members aware of last wishes;
  • Ensure all family members understand the details of the estate plan;
  • Let loved communicate their feelings about the estate plan;
  • Let loved ones express which personal items they would like.

A well-written estate plan will also include details regarding social media accounts, list assets and debts and contain contact information for important people such as a lawyer, accountant, and perhaps a financial planner. An estate plan that contains all the necessary documents not only makes it easier on beneficiaries, but also on the executor of the estate. If a testator chooses, it could also contain a legacy letter letting loved ones know what personal items he or she wishes to leave to whom.

Colorado residents don’t want to see their estate planning create a nasty aftermath. Getting advice from an attorney experienced in estate planning documents may be the first place to start when thinking about writing a plan. Having a well-rounded plan may thwart any possible dissension among family members.