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Marital strife and divorce can result from social media behavior

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2020 | Divorce

Colorado residents can experience problems in their marriage for myriad reasons. While infidelity is a common precursor to a divorce, the age of social media has added a new layer to the ways in which people are perceived to have been unfaithful. Internet relationships might not even reach the point where they are physical, but it can still sow mistrust and sabotage a marriage, leading to a divorce.

Facebook and other types of social media gives the ability to connect with others. For those who are married, it provides a temptation to see what is “out there.” Some might act on it by meeting and becoming intimately involved with another person outside the marriage. Others might limit it to surreptitious chatting. Regardless, it can be problematic.

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers had a survey showing that 81% of lawyers brought social media in as evidence when they were handling a divorce. Coloradans were asked if social media had sparked discord in their marriages with many people sharing stories of how emotional cheating can be as significant as physical cheating. Suspicious behaviors for possible social media infidelity can be a person who will not share any information with the husband or wife or is frequently on the device at all hours with no reasonable explanation for it.

Since social media can expedite contact with people from the past, it is not uncommon for a married person to reconnect with an old boyfriend or girlfriend. Sometimes it is innocent. Other times, it is not. A 2017 survey ranked Colorado as one of the top-10 states in the U.S. for couples getting divorce. For every 1,000 couples, 13 chose to part ways. Overall, the divorce rate across the nation has been dropping. Three decades ago, nearly 50% of marriages ended in divorce. By 2018, that was down to 36%.

Still, technological advancement has put in place a foundation for people to have opportunities to be unfaithful physically, emotionally or both. Of course, it is preferable for a couple to try and work out their differences. However, some situations have gone too far to repair the marriage. Various issues arise when there is a divorce including child custody, support, property division and more. A law firm experienced in family law and divorce may be able to help with gathering evidence and moving forward with a case.