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The New Year

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2020 | Uncategorized

So the New Year is finally here, and I for one am glad because the New Year represents so many possibilities; it is almost as if we have a chance to reinvent ourselves in a way that other times do not seem to allow for. I do not know about you, but 2018 was a way better year than 2017. I healed physically and my wife and I had several prayers answered concerning those we love, and I am hoping 2020 will be better yet.

This said, most people abandon their resolutions by the end of January (over 60%). The top five most popular resolutions are in order: Save money, lose weight or get fit, have more sex, travel, and read more.  Studies suggest most of us drop our resolutions because we fail to develop a realistic plan and because we deal with initial failure poorly.

What to do then? I am not sure; what seemed possible on the first of January seems impossible by the middle of February, but I think it begins by keeping commitments to ourselves and others. This begins by doing  a self-evaluation in which we ask ourselves the who, what, when, where, why and how of each task we set before ourselves. If it was one thing I learned in the Army it was that poor planning resulted in poor performance. The plan could change, and often did, but if there was no plan it was hard to adjust to a changing situation.

So what are my goals? Well, I want to save money, lose weight and get fit, have more sex, travel, and read more… Seriously, I just want to be a better version of me, not just for myself, but for those I care about.

What then for those who are reading this? Well…I am a lawyer so let me suggest some lawyerly things I would recommend.

  • If you do not have a will, trust, or other estate planning documents promise yourself you will have this done. I see too many people who thought life would never change, and then it did.
  • If you are providing care for older parents make sure their estate planning documents are up to date. Do not assume they are. Just had a daughter find out that her mother had placed her sister on the deed for the mother’s home with the understanding that sister would do the right thing at the mother’s death. She did not.
  • If you are in an abusive relationship get the information to see what can be done. Do you need to modify child support? Do you need a protection order? Do you simply need to end the marriage?

Above all, do not assume you know the answers. Too often I meet with people who have made plans based on assumptions. Know that information gives us power; get the information that will empower you, and develop a plan for moving forward in your life.

If we can help you we will be happy to do so, so give us a call if we can be of service. We will honestly tell you what you need to know to make the changes in your life, except for those changes leading to losing weight, having more sex, etc. Happy New Year! May it be a year of positive change for you.