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What is parental visitation?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2019 | Child Custody

During and after a Colorado divorce, parents may struggle to come to terms with their new parenting responsibilities. After years of living in the same household as their children they may discover that the distance and space between them affects their abilities to stay close and connected. Parents who do not have physical custody of their kids may struggle to stay involved in the busy lives of their children.

When a parent does not live with their child through their physical custody plan they may have visitation time with them. Visitation is an option for parents who cannot or may not provide their kids with day-to-day care but who still desire contact with them. Generally, visitation can be supervised or unsupervised, or when necessary arranged through virtual means.

Unsupervised visitation happens when a noncustodial parent can take their child away from the child’s custodial home for a scheduled period of time. A parent may take their child to the movies or to the park, feed them meals, and enjoy their time together. Unsupervised visitation is common and many parents use such time to build their relationships with their kids.

When parents cannot be trusted to appropriately care for their kids they may be granted supervised visitation with them. Supervised visitation involves the presence of another adult to ensure the child or children’s safety. Parents who have committed domestic violence may be required to have supervised visitation time with their kids.

Virtual visitation may be an option for parents who do not live near their kids and allows parents and children to maintain their relationships through electronic tools like texting or Facetime. Since different families have different needs it is important that parents seek out individual legal guidance to understand just what visitation options may serve their interests.