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What is the Older Americans Act?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Elder Law

In many cultures, older individuals are viewed as wise elders who are sought out as important resources regarding the communities’ history and practices. They are a significant part of their cultural groups and provide wisdom to those who plan to take the reins of power. These views are not always applicable in the United States, and readers of this blog may recognize that, in some cases, older individuals are seen as burdens on their younger family members and colleagues.

The Older Americans Act was passed to recognize the value of individuals age 60 or older and the contributions they make to their communities. It is also in place to ensure that older Americans and their care givers have access to the resources and support they need to allow them to live healthy and fulfilled lives.

The Older Americans Act provides resources to ensure that older individuals have access to home-delivered meals and access to job training resources if they are able to work. It also includes important provisions that discuss what elder abuse is, how it may be prevented, and what may be done if it impacts the lives of men and women of advanced ages.

The Older Americans Act covers many important topics that are relevant to the broader legal realm of elder law. Elder law attorneys are good resources for older Americans who are unsure of what rights they have to participate in work, healthcare, and social activities, as well as for their care givers and those who use their own resources to provide for their aging loved ones.