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The Best Thing to Come Out of Colorado

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2018 | Divorce, Elder Law, ELder Law, Freedom, Probate

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No, it’s not what you think…the best thing to come out of Colorado has nothing to do with Coors beer, marijuana, or the Rocky Mountains. For those of you in the know, the best thing to come out of Colorado is clearly “Mike the Headless Chicken,” also known as “Miracle Mike,” a chicken forever immortalized in the song, “Headless Mike.”

Written and performed by The Radioactive Chicken Heads the song is about a chicken a Fruita, Colorado farmer tried to kill for his dinner on September 10, 1945. The farmer, Lloyd Olsen, botched the job, and the rest is a bit of Colorado history. “Mike” toured the country for the next two years until he choked on a grain kernel and died.

Sixty-three years later The Radioactive Chicken Heads wrote a tribute to “Miracle Mike” which can be seen on YouTube. Why you would want to watch the video probably is more revealing about you as a viewer than anything the song has to say, but I can’t say much because since the series Cobra Kai aired I have repeatedly watched “Sweep the leg, Johnny” by No More Kings.

Why then is this the subject of the first blog of a personal nature that I have written in nearly a year? I think it’s because somehow we all want to see justice prevail. We want to see “Miracle Mike” cheat death, and we want to see Johnny give Daniel Larusso his comeuppance. Google it on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean. Sure Johnny had issues, but Daniel Larusso was no poster child. Unfortunately, Johnny still loses the girl in the video, but he does take home the trophy for what it is worth.

How then do we really get the justice we seek, and how do we right the wrongs we so often face? I think it comes about when we decide we are no longer going to be a victim. I recently had a client had had been traumatized by her relationship with her former partner. For years she had endured emotional abuse until we talked. It really did not take much; we just had to say “no more” on her behalf, and once we did her life changed.

Another client’s child was wrongfully kept from her, but once she decided she was no longer going to allow dad to violate the orders of the court she too felt empowered. Yet another client’s boyfriend booted her out of their apartment when she was pregnant and refused to provide any support, but her decision not to accept the abuse any longer has changed her.

It’s not so much what we have done, rather the outcomes came from the deep-rooted desire each of these individuals had to put an end to the unfairness they had endured. Not everything in life is fair, but we can help when the law provides a remedy. Give us a call if you need help putting an end to the wrongs you have endured. If we can help we’ll say so; if we can’t we will tell you that, too. We can help with divorce, child support, probate and elder law issues.