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Defining parental responsibilities after a Colorado divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2018 | Child Custody

The state of Colorado refers to child custody matters as “parental responsibilities.” Like in other jurisdictions, parents in Colorado can share physical and legal responsibilities with regard to their children or one parent may be granted these responsibilities if conditions warrant it. Colorado judges are tasked with determining the best interests of the children whose cases appear in their courts and establishing parental responsibility plans that meet those interests and needs.

For example, in one family situation a parent may travel extensively for work and it may be disruptive to the child to spend sporadic time in that parent’s household. Rather than giving the parents equal physical time with the child, the traveling parent may be granted visitation with the child while the other parent is charged with the primary physical care of their shared offspring. In another case, parents may live near each other after their divorce and may easily be able to transfer their child between them; in such scenarios parents and children may thrive in shared physical arrangements.

Colorado kids can offer their input when it comes to making parental responsibility determinations. There is no minimum age at which a child is deemed qualified to speak for themselves. If a child is mature enough in the eyes of a court then their feelings on physical and legal matters related to their care may be heard.

In sum, the needs and interests of a child will drive how their parents are tasked with caring for them after a separation or divorce. Getting help from a family law attorney can help parents prepare for these legal issues and understand how their rights with regard to their kids may change as their parental responsibilities are defined.