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Different Day, Same Tune

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2016 | Uncategorized

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Wow. Yet again I cannot believe it has been months since my last blog post. Since I lasted posted I have continued to have health issues, but hopefully I am on the mend. This next week my wife and I leave to see my daughter married, and I am pleased with the young man whom she is marrying. He treats my daughter with a tenderness that pleases me. Yesterday, I settled a case which was two years old. I was the third attorney for my client, but yesterday, after months of continued strife, we were able to resolve the case.

Why did it take so long? When this divorce began the parties were in agreement, and the attorney the husband hired indicated he would help the parties reach an agreement. Rightly, or wrongly, my client believed he was helping both parties, so when the case blew up she had to find an attorney. Unfortunately, there had been so much domestic violence in the marriage that my client had real difficulty addressing the issues in the case and finding an attorney she could work with was hard. When she finally contacted me it took some time to get her trust, but once we did we resolved the case in relatively short order. What I am about to say I have said before; hence the title of this post. Finding an attorney is a lot like buying a pair of shoes; you will only like them if they fit.

It is the same with lawyers. When you are looking to hire an attorney to handle a matter for you it goes beyond simply determining if they handle the area of law you require. You have to make sure you can work with the person you are hiring; additionally, you have to be sure their goals are the same as yours. With the client I mentioned above the real issue was not the division of property; the case was really about making sure her spouse could not hurt her again.  Once she knew that was my goal too, she and I really clicked. So, kick the tires before you buy, and if you think we can work together contact us; we would love to help if we can.