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If It Isn’t Working, Fix It!

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2016 | Uncategorized


So we are two weeks into the New Year and my resolution to change my eating habits has already been defeated in part by a pan of home-made brownies. These are genuine, from scratch, brownies made with nuts and chocolate chips. My wife made them for a gathering at our home, and their mere presence weakened me. When they sent me a subliminal message, like Adam, I did partake. I would like to say I immediately repented, but I haven’t. I have a trick I use to fool myself; I will cut off a one inch square so as to control how much I am eating, but I then go back and cut another 5-7 squares.  Anyone out there relate?

Are we like this in other matters in our lives? I have a friend who is in business with some others, and they are having some serious issues. He called me to talk about what was happening, and I think I surprised him when I told him the partnership is imploding. Initially he argued with me, but later he called me back to agree with what I had said. He knew it all along, but he had not wanted to admit that something he was working so hard at was failing. We all have this challenge. My eating habits aren’t working, and I can either admit it, and change them, or I can deny it and not experience the changes I want. The choice is mine.My counsel is this, particularly with regards to a legal issue you may have: don’t wish it away. It will only become harder to address in the future. Whether it is a divorce, a parenting plan, child support or some other matter, not addressing the issue objectively will only make it harder. I spoke with a woman yesterday who had a poor experience in Court. She has a good case, but she poisoned the well by doing something she wasn’t supposed to. Now, we have to rehabilitate her before we can get the result she wants in modifying her parenting plan. Mary Poppins said a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, but this is only partially true. We first have to face the fact that we have to take the medicine. If we can help with this give us a call.Tip number three: Keep your hands clean. We were all taught this at home or in school, but sometimes we all need to be reminded of this. If you are under a court order follow the darn thing! Nothing makes a judge angrier than to have a court order disregarded, so unless you want to poison your case, don’t do it. Doing so will invariably work against you so before you do it call an attorney. There is always another path to take. Plus, when you show that you do follow court orders it often gives a bit more credibility with the court. So, when you feel like withholding parenting time or not paying maintenance or child support think again.