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Take a Moment to Remember

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2015 | Uncategorized

Iwo Jima

Today is Veteran’s Day; for many it will just mark a bank or court holiday, but for me it always has significance. Veteran’s Day began after the end of the First World War when, like other nations, the US wanted to commemorate the casualties of that war. Consequently, on November 11th of each year we honor all veterans, and it is well that we do. For me it will be a day that I remember John Kenneally, Michael Pifer, Milt Palmer, Brian Faunce, Daniel Bush, and Gary Collins. Each of these men died in the service of their country, and I have promised myself that I will not forget them.  We know all the clichés about honoring vets, but do we as a nation really realize the great debt we owe them? The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have gone on now for 14 years, but how many of us take notice of them regularly? For most of us they do not affect our lives, and they are more of a distraction than a cause. So take note and know that when John Kenneally died he left a wife and two children; Milt Palmer a mother and sisters that he was supporting, Brian Faunce a widow and Daniel Bush a young son. When these men died it was not just them that suffered; their families did as well.Worse yet are the walking dead. These are the young men and women with traumatic brain injuries which are causing their brains to die leading them to early deaths. Their families live with sons, daughters, husbands and wives who are now different from the people they once were. Whether you agree with the cause behind the wars or not these service men and women served their nation, as well as you and I. Give to Wounded Warriors or some other charitable organization serving vets. Let them know they are not forgotten and today, as you look up, say “thank you.”