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“Snow” Time For Trouble!

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2015 | Uncategorized

Snow Nov 17 2015

I got up this morning to find that the snow I had thought we would get and what we had received were two different things. The Weather Channel had called for over a foot, but I had assumed the forecast would be off as usual and that we might receive a few inches. We actually got 18” of new snow. As I went out to clear our drive, which by the way is 530” long, I was struck by how hard the wind was blowing and how the snow was still coming down.  I started our ATV, which has a plow blade on it, and I got it to the foot of our drive and the cable for the winch that lowers and raises the blade snapped. I trudged up the hill to get some tools, and then I went back to the ATV. Wrong tools. Up the drive again, but this time I figured I would use the snow blower for a bit. Would not start. Finally figured that out. Walked back down to the ATV and hitched the plow blade in the raised position with a length of chain and drove it up the drive. Got stuck. Went back to the snow blower and blew snow for a while. After some more adventures and four hours later the drive and the parking area were mostly clear, but I was exhausted and cold.I thought about all this as I drove into work. I had been warned about the snow and I knew the winch cable was old, but I had done nothing. I had known that I would need the snow blower, but I had done nothing to prepare it for use. I had assumed all would be well, and when it was not I had been forced to expend a lot of energy that was mostly unnecessary. My wife thought I was a hero for getting everything to work, but I knew I had made everything unnecessarily hard.I find this to be the case in my divorce practice sometimes. Several years ago I received a call from a potential client. She wanted to hire me to handle her divorce, but she allowed his soon to be ex-spouse to talk her out of it because he said they could do it on their own and save money. She contacted me again recently with an issue from her divorce, and I agreed to help. It was a problem I would have resolved at the time of the divorce, and I did resolve it now, but it cost thousands more.We all know about “shoulda, woulda, and coulda,” and all of us have at one time or another rued the day we did not heed that inner voice telling us what to do. When you are faced with a problem outside your expertise call someone to get the advice you need. I have seen the scenario I have described play out time and again, and usually early intervention would have made all the difference. WE CAN make a difference in your case whether it concerns parenting time, child support, division of property, bankruptcy, estate planning, elder law, or some other legal issue. And, if it is something we do not handle, we will refer you to someone with the knowledge to help you. Do not be like me, trudging through the storm because I had failed to heed my own inner voice.