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Oh No Snow!

On Behalf of | May 15, 2015 | Uncategorized

Snow cropped

So this past Sunday was Mother’s Day, and the great surprise I had planned for my wife never materialized. Instead, we received over 10 inches of snow, and our home was without power for over 24 hours. Because of the weather the gift I purchased for my wife was delayed, and did not arrive until Monday.  On the plus side we weathered the storm, and the accompanying cold temperatures, in good fashion, with our wood-burning stove keeping the main floor at a balmy 78 degrees. The initial fire was hard to light because we had no fire-starters (it was May after all)! A few cotton-balls covered in petroleum jelly did the trick. The bad news is that we had failed to refill our water storage from when we last used it, making it hard to do some things like wash dishes or flush toilets. That was a sad face!!! The new snow kept cold things cold as we buried our milk and ice cream and meat in the snow bank outside the kitchen door, and the food was none the worse for wear.We were able to cook with our kitchen stove because it is propane and we simply used a lighter to light the burners, and we were generally comfortable, but we could improve upon our readiness for future weather related adventures. We should install a manual pump for our well so that we could have obtained water even after the power had gone out. A small generator would have powered a small fridge or could also have powered the well pump. It also would have powered a few lights as well.After the power came on my wife and I talked about how much different it would all have been if we had not been somewhat prepared. We talked about some changes we need to make and vowed to be yet more ready next time.Unfortunately, too many times we are not prepared because we do not want to think about what can go wrong or we cannot imagine that an event will change our lives from what they are now. If there is one thing we can count on it is change itself. Yesterday, I went with my wife to where her mother lives in a nursing home. Three years ago we never imagined we would be where we are today with my mother-in-law’s care, but I wish we had. Nearly two hundred thousand dollars later I wish I had forced her to make some tough decisions, but I did not because talking about illness and “what ifs” upset her.We made it through this storm but the way could have been easier if more planning had been done. I know I have harped on this subject a number of times in this blog, but I see time and again families that are stressed beyond what they had imagined because no one thought to ask the tough questions. For the sake of yourself, and those you care about, start asking them, and if you need help answering the needs contact us. We can help.