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Today’s New Year’s Resolutions

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2015 | Uncategorized


So the first two months of the New Year have come and gone, and the gyms are thinning out and, if you are like me, you realize maybe you are not going to lose that holiday weight as soon as hoped. Maybe now is the time to make more lasting resolutions (like blogging weekly) than those made lightly at the end of December. So, what resolutions make sense?

For me, it will be to ensure that I have planned for my family. On Valentine’s Day I had another of those wake-up calls that remind you of your mortality. My wife and I had planned to go horseback riding at the urging of my daughter, and so we were out riding our horses to celebrate the life my wife and I have shared.My wife was a bit apprehensive because it had only been six months since she had shattered her collarbone after she had come off her horse. My spouse does wonders with horses, but a horse is still a horse. She asked me if I would ride her horse while she rode our older horse who is an old stalwart. He is the horse we let new riders ride, but on this day he spooked at something and did something he had never done before. He reared. My wife came off and other than a deep bruise no serious injury was done, but she decided in that moment she was done with horses. This was a decision that affected us both because I cannot and will not continue an activity that my wife loved without her. You may question our choice, but I had to acknowledge to her I cannot guarantee she will not be hurt again. The accident made me ask a number of “what if” questions, and I have to admit I was ill prepared if my wife had been seriously hurt. For example, I do not have a power of attorney for her and I am an attorney! So, my resolution is to see this as a wake-up call and prepare myself and my family for what may come. Maybe you should do the same. Contact us if we can help.