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Asset Protection – Planning for Any Family Event

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2014 | Uncategorized

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I enjoy meeting with families. These meetings seem to be one of the few times in life that people come first instead of material possessions. It is an absolute pleasure to speak with people who want to plan for the future to protect their loved ones. Unlike the typical lawsuit, divorce, or other legal proceeding, everyone wins in the end. Everyone—child, parent, grandparent, and even the family pet—is taken into consideration to make sure everyone is protected!  This is why I love estate planning.One important part of estate planning is called “Asset Protection”. Many aspects of asset protection are commonly misunderstood. For example, asset protection is not just for the rich but is available and even needed by most everyone. We have clients with relatively low income that have trusts. More affluent clients typically use trusts as part of a more comprehensive plan.Your assets are just as important to you as they are to a billionaire! It makes sense if you think about the logic: your money—no matter how much you have—protects your family, and your family will always be priceless. No family can afford to lose any of their assets.Asset protection can be as simple as getting advice. Do you even need to protect your assets given your circumstances? How do you protect your assets from a sudden illness? How do you protect your assets from a nasty divorce? How do you protect assets from creditors? How do you plan for a family member’s disability whether young or old?This advice changes depending on your age, your family size, and your health. This is why general information on websites is never good enough. Laws are different in every state, and even administered differently in the counties within each state.Our firm is focused on helping families in Colorado. For this reason we offer free consultations to discuss asset protection for your family.   – Tony Rossi