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The Truth about Divorce in Colorado

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2014 | Uncategorized


When I drive to my office each day I often tune into one of the local radio stations and I hear various ads from family law attorneys promising that they will protect this and that and that they will vigorously protect the rights of their client. As I listen I often just shake my head because what I hear is the sound of the cash register ringing up a substantial legal bill. Let me tell you what I think are some general truths about divorce in Colorado. 1. Divorce is going to hurt; you should not make it harder by spending money you do not have. Having an attorney does not mean you have to spend a lot of money; having the wrong attorney might though.2. If you have kids then parenting time is going to be split between mom and dad, and this is going to be hard to adjust to. If the parties live close together, and both are good parents then each has a right to parent their kids and see them on a regular basis. Unless there is an unusual circumstance (drug or alcohol abuse, child abuse, etc.) trying to prevent one parent from having parenting time is a waste of time and money.3. There will generally be less money for both parties.4. Women are often ordered to pay child support and or maintenance (alimony) to their former husbands.5. Child support is determined by formula.6. Maintenance or alimony is dependent upon the circumstances of the marriage.7. Unless there are complicated finances or business relationships there is rarely a reason to have a court fight over who gets what. In Colorado marital assets will be divided equitably (which does not necessarily mean equal) meaning that as a general rule retirement, investment, and bank accounts will be divided according to a formula.8. Good agreements make for good relationships with an ex-spouse. This is why I am not a fan of DIY divorces; invariably, the parties leave something out of their agreement and it comes back to haunt them. This is why we offer flat rates; you get the work you need, and you know in advance what it will cost. If you and your spouse are in general agreement we can make sure you are protected for the future.Bottom line is this: A divorce will hurt, but if you and your soon to be ex can work together one last time you can save yourselves money and time. A good attorney listens to what your objectives are and acts on those but tells you the hard truths you may not want to hear.We offer a full range of services; give us a call and let us tell you what we can do for you. If we can help you move forward with your life we would be happy to do so. We will help you make the tough decisions while helping you get what is really important to you.