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Online Wills

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2014 | Uncategorized

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Have you made a will through an online service? Unfortunately, the problems with online wills are often not revealed until families attempt to enforce the will after the signer’s death.

Common problems with online wills are that the will was not signed completely, the will does not provide for beneficiaries that predecease you, the will fails to name contingent executors, or the will did not excuse the executor from having to post a bond. So now the estate must pay unnecessary charges costing your family even more money.Other problems include not indicating the power to collect and then sell particular assets in the will. This means the executor will have to go to court for permission to do this which could result in your property being sold instead of given to the right beneficiary. The cost of getting a will done right is often a fraction of the cost to correct the issues that arise from a poorly written will.The low cost and speed of do-it-yourself wills online makes them tempting, but the true cost happens for your family when you pass away.Creating a will with a qualified attorney who specializes in the area will help your family save a lot of headache and money when the time comes for them to carry out your wishes. We feel this is so important that one of our attorneys will review your will without charge during any estate planning consultation.